img_4774In her eighties, my mother said to me, “You know, in your head, you don’t change much after your late 20s. What makes you laugh then, what you love, how you feel, will be the same years later.” Those were wise words.

I’m not young! There, I’ve said it. However, in my head I’m still that 25 year old I was in the late 70s. I’m passionate about fashion, I still love dancing, I love (loud) music of many genres, I like skiing down a mountain as fast as I can, I like going out and staying out with a group of girl friends, I like being silly and watching ‘rubbish’ on the TV…But, I like to think I do what I do, with style and a certain elegance.

What I don’t like about getting older is the assumption that women become invisible and are not as memorable as they were when they were younger. Still, I have to say, things are changing! There’s been a huge shift in women fighting for greater work opportunities and equal pay and of course, people in general are working longer, so that also applies to my generation. I believe there needs to be a shift in how people value older women.  We’re a group who often have disposable incomes, travel regularly, eat out, are aware they need to keep fit and healthy and want to look their best. So why aren’t companies waking up to this fact and marketing to us? You know what, they are dipping out big time! There is so much advice, so many products, so many clothes that could be created for our group….or exist but aren’t marketed to attract us.

I want to look and feel great for my age (or any age if it comes to that.) I want to eat well, dress well and look amazing. I’m out to share ways to do all this and more. It’s not just about anti-ageing products and hair colours to cover white roots.  Let’s talk how we can break the rules of fashion to make them work for women in middle-age and older. Let’s discuss what makeup will make our faces look fabulous without looking as if we’ve tried too hard or spent too much money under the knife.  Let’s look at ways to make us feel mentally happy and strong, sexy and sensational.

I want to inspire you to believe you are the best and be the best in doing so, I want to join the journey with you. So let’s go Behind the Woman.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Marianne says:

    Same age here, I’ve been enjoying your IG posts and quick videos. Your demos are sweet and truthful and it is so nice to be able to relate. You’re a darling 🙂

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  2. Julie Tyler says:

    You are so inspirational, I am so glad I found you on IGram. Keep up the great posts etc, it’s nice to know other people feel the same as me, you should not dissappear or change the things you enjoyed when you were younger. I love your make up tips and product shares too. Take care luvly as they say here


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