It’s a well-known fact that women are good at supporting each other through the good and bad times. It’s also become very ‘on-trend’ to talk about your ‘tribe’- whether it’s about sharing your ideas on home decor, how you deal with teenagers, the menopause, food you eat, fitness or fashion.

I’m lucky to have a group of close friends who can laugh at each other, enjoy each other’s company and share the good, great, boring and bad things that happen in daily life. In fact. it was my ‘tribe’ who encouraged me to start this blog. Sometimes we see each other all the time, sometimes our paths don’t cross for weeks or even months, but we all know we can send a quick message or pick up the phone and there will be someone there to listen, laugh, compliment or commiserate.  We lead quite different lives and different jobs…I’m far older than the others, but when we get together it’s always special. We have a bond.


Looking at people’s posts on Instagram I am pleased to see there are lots of wonderful women supporting each other with their own groups and tribes, but there are others desperately searching for support, friendship, sympathy or praise. Even more however, men clearly don’t have this same friendship closeness, able to share emotions and thoughts as we women do,  I’ve discovered there are all too many out there on social media searching for something, I am sure they are not going to find and showing both loneliness and a loss of purpose. Oh! we women are lucky.

My blog and my Instagram posts are aimed at sharing my own experiences and expertise and it’s lovely to create bonds with like-minded people. However, my real friends, in real life and real time, are the ones I treasure, not the pictures I see that don’t tell the story behind the image. Do you agree?

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