Have you noticed your hair is falling out more than usual? I have.  So has my daughter. Whilst I wouldn’t say it’s a serious problem in our cases, the shower blocked up and we saw more hair than usual falling out when we washed our hair.  And apparently we’re not alone. Over the last few months many other people have become aware of their hair thinning.

A few weeks ago actor Alyssa Milano ‘went viral’ after posting a video in which she spoke about her personal experience of hair loss after contracting Covid 19.  On her video, posted on Instagram and Twitter, Alyssa brushed through her hair to show just how much her hair was ‘falling out’.

Hair loss is not unusual after serious illness and is also commonly associated with stress and trauma, which probably explains why so many people are complaining of hair loss, even if they haven’t had any actual illness.  Clearly, over the last few months, lots of us have certainly been affected by stress. From the experiences of lockdown, to job and financial uncertainty, an inability to visit family and friends, to cancelled holidays and the threat of quarantine, 2020 has thrown all kinds of trauma at us all.

The form of hair loss associated with illness and stress is called ‘telogen effluvium’.  Of course, in itself, suffering from hair loss is both stressful and distressing, which can make matters even worse. The good news is, if you happen to have this issue, it’s very unlikely to be permanent and in time your hair will grow back.

However there are a few things you can do.  If you have an up and coming hair appointment, do mention your concerns to your hairdresser, who should be able to offer advice.  If the problem is serious, the solution is to seek advice from a doctor, dermatologist or trichologist, but for most people trying products readily available will help solve your problem, (although, due to the growth cycle of hair it may be 3 – 6 months before you notice a real difference.)

Obviously it’s normal to lose hairs from your head each day and the fact that during lockdown many of us tended to wash and brush our hair less than usual could be one reason noticing your hair fall. And remember, on average people lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day, plus, the longer someone’s hair, the more they will notice the loss.

So what can you do yourself? 

One brand to look at is Anacatelos ( ) It’s a scientist-owned brand with absolute efficacy and formulations based on chemistry. Products include a Hair Growth Serum that’s trichologist approved and results in visible hair growth.

Another brand to look at is Viviscal ( ) As well as a densifying shampoo and conditioner, they have Viviscal Max Strength Tablets, to promote the growth and repair of hair cells.

Kerotin ( ) is a self-care brand helping women successfully steer through changes in their lives. Even in normal times, women undergo many hair transitions, Kerotin aims to provide high quality products to help women achieve their hair goals. Look at Freshening Shampoo and Conditioner to rejuvenate the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Of course, as we age our hair changes too and post menopause many women notice their hair thinning, but don’t suffer silently! There are products to help and advice to be gained. Beautiful hair doesn’t have to be a dream, it’s accessible.

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