Over the past few years, brows have become fundamental to many people’s ‘look’ giving a strong visual statement that helps define individuality. It’s important to progress your look and working with brow trends can give you a youthful, fashionable appearance. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go as far as getting a ‘brow tattoo’ or ‘high definition brows’ to perfectly frame your face.  It’s about finding the right tools and the right shape for you.

Back in the day when I was running a makeup course, I used to bang on about the importance of eyebrows as you ‘get older’ & how great brows can do more to retain a youthful look than using Botox – and of course, it’s a much cheaper option.

And it might be OK to sport the alternative fashion, no-brow, pale skin look if you’re 18 and a model (always shot with great lighting and an ethereal outfit of course,) but let’s face it, most of us don’t look like a Pre-Raphaelite painting (even though I had the hair and skin colouring once upon a time.)

I digress! I’ve been ‘working’ on my brows over the last year… actually only rarely plucking them (& sharpening my tweezers when I do with my Tweezerfile ) or occasionally using an Hollywood Browser to define the shape. So here’s what I use all the time, depending on what day it is and how the mood takes me!

✅I’ve been mainly using eye pencils – These allow you to fill in gaps and get a great shape.

My 2 current faves are:

@elfcosmetics Ultra Precise Brow Pencil

@purcosmeticsuk 4-in-1Arch Nemesis Light

And I haven’t used it yet because it’s brand new, but one of my fave brands @code8beauty launched Arch Realist Brow Defining Pencil yesterday…. which I’m sure will also be fabulous – so take a look!

✅When I’m short on time or feeling lazy, I’ve been using ‘lash mascaras’ which are quick to use and give a natural finish.  A word of warning, you have to be careful not to get blobs when you begin to apply, so keep a light touch.

I’ve been using:

@elfcosmetics Wow Brow Gel Brunette (It’s darkish but not too dark)

@ariane.poolecosmetics Strawberry Blonde Brow Mascara.  I just tend to brush my brows upwards and then when there’s hardly any product left on the brush, I brush them gently from the centre (side of my nose) outwards, to get the shape I want.

✅ I also like to use powders and creams which I apply with an angled brush. Sometimes I use actual eye shadow, but 2 products I’ve been using recently are:

@ariane.poolecosmetics Brow Duo which is a powder and brow pomade, for extra control, tiny tweezers and a little brush.

@ariane.poolecosmetics Brow Balm in Blonde, which I got along with the brush. (This is as the name suggests, a creamy waxy consistency and creates both colour, shape and hold to unruly brows.

In terms of colour I advise going lighter than you think! -The tones I tend to choose are: natural, light brown, blonde or grey. Go dark and it can look too strong and actually be ageing.

Other makeup details:

@no7uk Protect & Perfect All in One Foundation SPF50

@elfcosmeticsuk Light Ivory Camo Concealer

@elfcosmeticsuk Primer Infused Blush

@studio10makeup I-Radiance Shade

@Studio10makeup black mascara

@no7uk Coral Peach SPF15 lipstick


Sweater: @finisterreuk

Heart necklace: @jothomasjewellery






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