#stylenotage – Oh, I like that hashtag! …. Because looking stylish will always make you look fashionable and anyway who cares about age?

Style can of course be very understated or very over the top, very casual or very dressed up… but style means what you’re wearing works for you.

Coco Chanel used to advise taking one thing off before you leave home. When I worked on photo shoots and often ended up doing the styling as well as the makeup, I had my own version of Coco’s renowned saying: “If in doubt, leave it out!” I maintain that’s still a good mantra to have before you go out, especially to an event, where you may be tempted to put on every bit of glitz and glamour you possess, (especially anything that comes up in the near future!)

I tend to look at most of my clothes in terms of how to dress them up and how to dress them down and no matter what your age, I think you can always find something from the latest trends that will work for you, even if it’s just wearing the latest fashionable colour.

1 dress x 3 ways – sneakers or heels, jewellery or not, scarves or big jumpersfit to your mood.







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