I’m not sure if it’s the fact I went to the Seychelles for my honeymoon, or that when I walk through the doors of The White Company I go into a recurring dream of living in a fragrant white and grey home, where I lie on my pale grey sofa in a cashmere wrap and cashmere socks, flicking through a magazine. Whatever the reason,  I’ve been buying the Seychelles bath range for a few years now and the love affair continues.  The decadent body lotion and rich hand cream are total luxury and the lovely glass bottles of bath oil are absolute indulgence. Light my Seychelles candle and I’m living the dream! The bottles seem to last forever, so it’s not just about spoiling myself, it’s about pampering myself everyday.  And you know what, we all deserve that don’t we!


Luxury Gift Set £50.00

Hand wash £13.00  Hand & Body Cream £15.00

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