And the transition to autumn……

If like me, you’re addicted to fashion reports, (I’m guessing most of you aren’t,) then you might not even consciously think about your “transitional wardrobe”…..Well, in my case it means going straight from flip-flops and white trainers to boots….. Flat, comfortable, clumpy boots. In fact, ‘biker boots’.

My deep-rooted love for this particular style has everything to do with fashion and nothing to do with motor-bikes. In fact, I’ve only ever been on one once. That was in Rome, circa 1976. It was big and red (probably a Ducati I think, though I’m making that up.) I sat on the back -no helmet -and in what seemed like only a few minutes we were down at Ostia on the coast and back in the centre. I was terrified and it took days to get the tangles out of my hair.

Anyway back to boots. The Sunday Times Style (which is one of my fashion bibles) had a whole feature on “The flat pack” last week. So flat, heavy boots are definitely ‘a thing’ this season. They suggested softening the ‘tough factor’ with opaque tights and a floaty pleated skirt – so I’ll definitely be doing that.

This love though goes back. In the early 90s I had some knee length biker boots from Ravel, with lots of buckles and laces. They were a pain to put on, but so comfortable and I had them for years. I used to wear them with some leopard print leggings, (clearly I should have kept them,) and a black blazer (ditto), or I wore them with a mini kilt, black tights and a black polo neck. Fast forward and I had a chunky dark green suede pair with lots of studs and then a black pair which were (fake) fur-lined and became my perfect ski-holiday ‘pares-ski’ boots with skinny jeans.

So this time round I’m going to experiment with the tough/soft look, but I’m also going to wear them with loose jumpers and shirts and jeans tucked in, or cropped black trousers in a softish fabric. (See above for a few style ideas I played with yesterday.)

There are lots of Biker Boot styles around, but mine came from Hotter Shoes. (£89) They offer a great service and even measure your feet to ensure you have the right size and fit, and do you know, mine are exactly the same size as they were when I last had my feet measured….when I left primary school at 11. (I was big for my age and then never grew!)

If you’re thinking of buying some new boots this autumn, then there’s masses of choice everywhere from Marks & Spencer to Zara, Dune, and Kurt Geiger…..and I promise you don’t need a motor bike to look stylish.