Will Cupid fire an arrow your way on Valentine’s Day?

“All you need is love,” sang The Beatles and of course, it is a very precious thing to fall in love, be in love and be loved, but am I the only one who is turned cold by Valentine’s Day and chubby little Cupid with his bow and arrow?


Firstly let’s get things straight; I do not like red roses. Pink Roses, white roses, even yellow roses, but not red. They do nothing for me; in fact more than that, I associate them with death, horror movies and Dracula!


Secondly I do not want to go out to dinner at an inflated price, where I have to eat the ‘Valentine’s special’ meal with a cheap glass of Prosecco included and be showy about the love I feel for my husband. Yes restaurateurs, I realise this isn’t the busy season and you have to do promotions, but please, promote new menus, new ideas, your new house wine, not love!


Thirdly, it isn’t inclusive and surely with everyone focused on equality, that makes Valentine’s Day very wrong in today’s society.

The office chat involving plans for Valentine’s special events, boasting about getting breakfast in bed, fabulous presents, amazing floral bouquets and a surprise trip away, are all very well if you’re the one receiving these fabulous things, but what about the poor ‘sod’ in the corner whose boyfriend or husband forgot, who just got separated, divorced, or worse, or whose partner just doesn’t ‘do’ Valentine’s… I say, give these people a break. Keep quiet with your boasting just enjoy the moments in private.


Then there are the Valentine’s cards! Have you ever sent or received one that was actually tasteful? They’re either so sickly you want to vomit or contain a totally ‘not funny’ at all message. Cards of course, aren’t just for us grown-ups, they start being sent between kids at an early age and I clearly remember not getting one, when my best friend did, and consequently feeling very unloved and ugly. Surely that’s not right? Worse still of course, is the awful occasion when your dad sends you a card. And, you open it, signed with just a ‘?’, and feel joyous and popular and then the next day he admits it was him, not the captain of the football team as you had imagined. Major fail!


Today with social media, communication has no boundaries, and I for one, think Valentine’s messaging could be on the verge of dangerous! So many people are lonely, fragile; suffer from depression, eating disorders and insecurity, that over-flowing demonstrations of false love can never be a good thing.

So by all means indulge in the Marks & Spencer Love Sausage, and tell your partner you love them, but it doesn’t have to be special, because your Valentine should be the love of your love everyday, not just on February 14th.



                                              HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 




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