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I have a friend who’s a great organizer and is always on the lookout for the next bargain, ‘girls away trip’ to somewhere warm and sunny. We six friends live in the Southwest and are all time-poor, so the challenge is to find destinations we can reach from our local airport in Newquay, Cornwall. It’s all about a few days of bonding, laughing sunbathing and generally relaxing with a glass of wine.

For some reason, security in Newquay Airport is tighter than any other airport I’ve flown from and part of our experience is that my friend likes to challenge us to ‘carry-on only’ bags. We’re all totally into our hair and makeup products, (not to mention shoes and clothes,) so getting what you want to take into a small bag is never easy. Once, the fastening of the airport plastic bag wouldn’t stay closed and I was forced to get rid of some of the contents. Without thinking I threw away my suntan lotion, only to find it cost three times as much in Spain! If you’re thinking we could stock up in “duty free”, forget it! This one doesn’t sell anything useful, unless you want to take Cornish biscuits with you. Planned packing is the way.

Imagine then, how excited I was to discover TRINNY LONDON. This is a makeup brand created by Trinny Woodall and comprises stackable pots of cream makeup. On the TRINNY LONDON website, you go to the MATCH2ME section and fill in your skin, eye and hair colouring to find the right shades for you, then choose the products you want from a recommended selection.

IMG_5803  Facetune_13-08-2018-10-41-53  IMG_5825  Facetune_13-08-2018-10-39-17  Facetune_13-08-2018-10-50-32

Trinny advises applying the creams with your fingertips and mainly that’s what I do, though I sometimes use a brush to define my lips or eyes. I’ve never thought cream products lasted well on your face, but these really do give a radiant glow and last well. The EYE2EYE colours can be applied to give a light coverage for the day, or built up for a more intense shade. The LIP2CHEEK colours are dual-function and are my favorites in the range. All these little creamy pots are so easy to use and just the right size to pop into the tiniest handbags for touchups.

The starter kit is £95, which I know is expensive, but gives you a good selection of colours as well as a Starlight highlighter and Face Finish and my little pots are lasting well. It’s also beautifully packaged, so would make a lovely present. Crucially you can get re-fills, which is something of which I totally approve! I’ve also got the BFF cream with SPF 30, a great, tinted day-cream for light coverage, which can be decanted into a small pot for my weekends away.

IMG_5802 IMG_5832

Today I used BFF Cream, followed by Freddie LIP2CHEEK, Emperor EYE2EYE, Starlight on my cheekbones, & Face Finish.

TRINNY LONDON came with me on my summer holiday as well as my recent ‘short break’ and was the perfect holiday companion!

It’s only available online. Shop at: https://trinnylondon.com/products/all

2 thoughts on “Face Changer

  1. Kerys says:

    I love being ‘the organiser’ – need to get planning the next trip soon. However, if I keep reading your blogs I will be money poor too as I want to buy all the things you talk about!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • behindthewoman15 says:

      Oh how funny! Every one needs an organiser in their lives. My ‘organiser friend’ is very precious….she needs to get planning something new mind. Though her own life is so busy atm she doesn’t have time. Thank you for commenting! 🙂


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