Let’s talk hair colour, or rather, lack of it!

I read so many posts on social media about the stress of ‘transitioning’ colour, or becoming silver & ditching the dye, but this is an experience you only have if your have dark blonde, brown or darker hair. If you have naturally light blonde or red hair, your experience, as I found out, won’t be the same. Remember, ‘grey’ is created by mixing black and white, hence there is no such thing as ‘grey hair’ only white hairs and dark hairs mixed together. So, pallid blondes and redheads see their colour fading, becoming less bright, until finally it is white but don’t really go grey.

I am, or was, a natural redhead. I was born with dark auburn ‘ginger’ hair – lots of it actually. It went down to the middle of my back and stood up in a point on top of my head!! (Think clown and you’ve got the picture.) The nurses washed it the night I was born and at only a few weeks old I had the back and top cut! I have a photo somewhere, of me, sitting in a pram, clearly under a year old, with what looks like a wavy short bob and a big bow on the top of my head!

I continued to live a ‘ginger life’ until my mid-40s. At school that meant being teased for my freckles, and being picked out when there was any group ‘messing about’. I went through stages of hating my colouring and as I got older, loving it. With red hair comes a pale complexion, and I was always envious of friends who could lie in the sun and go a glamorous bronze whilst I remained, well, white,

In my early 40s my red hair began to fade, much to my distress. Being a redhead is more than having ginger hair, it was part of me and my character, my being. But, as I worked for a hairdressing company it was never a problem to have my hair coloured, firstly with semi-permanent tones and then, as more white appeared, permanent colour. In the ensuing years I went every shade of red including bright orange (which I loved!) Then the white roots appeared almost overnight and the colour didn’t take so well on the regrowth, so I started going blonder sometimes with a reddish toner. And that, I thought was how I’d continue, as I had no plans to ditch the dye!

Then came 2021 and Lockdown. Without any chance of seeing my friendly colourists in London, I coloured my own hair a few times with the same colour Holly Willoughby promotes – and actually it looked OK, pretty good in fact. But then, one day, as I was colouring my hair, I realised I wasn’t really seeing my roots anymore, so last summer I stopped and this is the result!

The bottom few inches are of course, the remains of the colour I was using, but the crown and area just past my ears are colour free. What I’ve realised is the few remaining ginger hairs give my hair a blonde effect and actually the back and under areas aren’t as white as I’d thought .

More to the point If I’d realised all this years ago, I wouldn’t have bothered colouring it!!! And in my case, it isn’t about the cost, just the time and the fact I was calling in favours to get one of my colleagues to colour my hair!

So almost a year on, in my head I’m still ginger, but there are other facts to consider too. As you age your skin tones change , and lighter, softer colouring around the face is more flattering to both the skin tones and complexion.

One thing though… if you decide you are going to stop colouring your hair and embrace your natural colours, don’t ignore your brows, because they need colour! Brows frame and enliven your face and give you a lift. Let your hair go grey/white but keep on defining those brows….you’ll thank me for this tip!



It can’t have escaped your notice that it’s International Women’s Day with the hashtag #Breakthebias

And, with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan talking on television this morning about the importance of giving menopausal women understanding and support in the workplace, perhaps we women are another step further in breaking the bias that has stood firmly in our way for so long.

Of course there are biases too: ageism being one of the biggest, but in many countries across the globe women are still very much second best, with few opportunities to better themselves, to receive education or gain worthwhile employment.

This week, this month, our hearts go out to those brave women in the Ukraine, giving up everything to flee their homes and their lives in search of safety. They are, sadly not the only ones, in other countries too, there are women (children and men) living in appalling conditions created by extreme regimes.

In crossing my arms I signify that I want to stand for #breakthebias

IWD is also about inspiring women, not only those amazing scientists, doctors, business women, entertainers and actors (to name but a few without picking out anyone in particular – which quite frankly is too great a task), but ordinary women in our lives who help us and support us, laugh and cry with us on a daily basis.

So I’m sending out a massive hug to every women out there, wherever you are, however young or old you are and whatever you do. We all have great ‘worth’ and deserve to be valued.

With love

Linda x

1 outfit 3 style ideas

I love to support small female owned businesses and one my daughter and I have recently both found and liked is Mimi’s Edit. (www.mimisedit.co.uk ) The clothes are curated by the lovely Preet and there is always a new selection to inspire.

I recently got this dress with a paisley type design in red, black and gold and that’s been my inspo to style up the dress to wear now and into summer.

Picking on the 3 tones as I’ve done here, is something I often do, as colour is a big inspiration for me.

Look 1.
Red faux leather biker jacket @captaintortueuk Captain Tortue
Red boots (old) & red tights @marksandspencer. Marks & Spencer
Red bag @coccinelleofficial. Coccinelle

Look 2
Black Biker Jacket @modainpelle. Moda in Pelle
Belt @mimisedit. Mimi’s Edit
Black book @carvela. Carvela
Black tights @marksandspencer. Marks & Spencer
Handbag @mulberryengland. Mulberry

Look 3
Gold phone purse @ameliaroseaccessories. Amelia Rose Accessories
Gold shoes @nextofficial. Next


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Get the look! …. Quick, fast and easy.

The secret to this look is softness – creating a glowing skin, pink cheeks for a feminine, healthy look & added definition from ‘refined and defined’ brows, eyeline & lips. It’s a wear anywhere look that will suit all of you!

Here’s what I used:
@delilahcosmetics Alibi foundation
On cheekbones @delilahcosmetics Pur Light
Concealer @delilahcosmetics Farewell
Cheeks Colour blush in Lullaby
Brows @codebeautiful Bronze brow mascara
Mascara @maybelline The Colossal Curl Bounce Very Black
Eyelids @lookfabforever Smooth Out Eye Prime
Socket light brown from @lookfabforever Warm Browns Eye Shadow Trio
Eyeliner @delilahcosmetics Eyeline
Lips @lookfabforever Never Feather Lip Prime & @bobbibrown Rouge a Levres in Mango.

(Products previously gifted)

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How do you feel about your age?

I’m writing this because I recently had an email from a very close friend – someone I’ve known since I was 20 and used to be my flatmate. We haven’t seen each other for about 4 years and I’m useless at phone conversations these days, (anyone else have this problem?) Most of my communication, whether it’s with my ‘local’ besties, ‘couples friends’ with my husband or family groups, are done on What’s App or Messenger. Anyway, I’m going off track here. She’d accidentally come across this blog and emailed me to say the way I portray myself had made her feel bad. Then I’d dropped her an email saying I have a problem with my sacroliac joint and this was causing lower back pain and tightness in my leg …..and she was happy to know that I was ‘feeling my age’.

So I’m writing this to let you know….Oh my goodness, I’m far from perfect! I totally know we can’t stop ageing, but I’m not happy to accept that fact and we can work at maintaining ourselves physically, mentally – and visually ….and I guess that’s what I’m all about. Most of the time I try (very hard) not to think about my age. Nothing will stop me loving fashion, or eating healthily (and often a bit too much), nothing will stop my thirst for life and enjoying myself and hopefully I’ll carry on exercising until ‘I drop’.

But yes, I know, the older you get the more good health is a blessing, and if I’m having to pop pills to keep me going then I’ll do it, (or look for good alternatives.) Living is a blessing and everyday we are here is an honour and a privilege – whatever our age, so I’ll go with that. In the meantime I look at celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Judie Dench, Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren – all still working and working ‘it’…..

So how do you feel? Do you hide your head in the sand, embrace your age, or ignore it? I’d love to know your thoughts…..

No Botox or fillers, just lots of SPF 50, serums, and great makeup products!

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You’ve probably heard of Bobbie Brown, or at least the iconic makeup brand on-sale in just about every department store across the globe (and online of course.) I’ve always loved the brand and more, have admired Bobbi Brown as a makeup artist. But it didn’t surprise me at all to learn when her agreement with Estee Lauder, the brand that had purchased Bobbi Brown some 30 years before, finally ended, Bobbi walked away to ‘do her own thing’. And having worked for many years for an entrepreneurial brand that was purchased by a behemoth, I perfectly understand the pain and frustration it can cause.

Anyway, last week, I was excited to get my hands on a few pieces of what Bobbi did next: a direct-to-consumer beauty brand, Jones Road.

Minimalistic, free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and of course, cruelty-free, Jones Road Beauty is achingly cool (in my opinion) and looks very much like a makeup brand I’d create (if I had the guts and the backing!!) I love that she talks about learning from her (small) young team, that they double-up jobs and can quickly turn around new ideas. All this echoes experiences I’ve had with the amazing team I worked with for many years….It sounds familiar and I just love the concept.

To the products. Well I’ve only got a few and I’ve only had time to do a very quick trial, but as I expected they are great to use and enabled me to do a pretty, natural makeup, in super quick time. As it says on the website: “Jones Road is a lifetime of beauty knowledge distilled”.

OMG this sounds like a flipping PR pitch! I’ve gone into my former PR mode absolutely seamlessly here.

Anyway, here’s the look I did – and I will do a ‘proper’ step-by-step for you when I have time……

I started by going to the Jones Road Beauty website: https://jonesroadbeauty.com/ and selected my colour type….. which perhaps not surprisingly is ‘fair’. And, this is what I selected:

Firstly, I used the Face Pencil just where I had any marks, dark circles and shadows. It explains on the website how to select the correct colour.

Next, I used the brow pencil in Blonde. It’s much stubbier than most on the market and is so easy to apply.

On my eyelids I dabbed Sparkle Wash in Midas using my little finger and blended the subtle colour up to the crease line.

Then I created a smudged eyeliner using The Best Pencil in Brown.

On my cheeks I used  my forefinger and middle finger to apply Bobbi’s “secret to no makeup makeup” Miracle Balm, which everyone loves it seems. (You can just about use it anywhere!)

And lastly, I applied Cool Gloss in Gold Shimmer on my lips- I truly love this product and have had SO many compliments…

And, that, my lovelies, is it! totally effortless.  I’m ready for anything.  (gifted PR products)

You can follow Bobbi @justbobbidotcom & Jones Road Beauty @jonesroadbeauty on Instagram to see what they’re doing.

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The Joy Club is an online activity club for people who enjoy keeping busy! 

With over 40 live online events to choose from (including Pilates and skincare sessions, which I’m particularly excited about!), it’s the perfect place to try new things and meet like-minded people. They also share uplifting articles, interviews and more, so you can start off every day with something interesting to read that you can chat about with fellow members in the comments section. 

So what is “The Joy Club“?

Well, basically, The Joy Club is an online activity club for people who enjoy keeping busy! It’s as simple as that.

They have over 40 live online events to choose from (including Pilates and skincare sessions, which I’m particularly excited about!), and it’s the perfect place to try new things and meet like minded people. Everyday they also share uplifting articles, interviews and lots of other things, providing something interesting to read that you are able to chat about with fellow members in the comments section. 


So what’s this got to do with me? Well, I’ve taken part in a special, exclusive interview with The Joy Club where I talk all about, well ME!… and of course, I’d love you to read it!

One way to read my interview and other similar features, is simply to join The Joy Club today and you’ll get a one-month, no obligation free trial of Premium membership (worth £5 per month) to try out everything on offer. (I have just signed up myself.)

To find out more just click here: https://thejoyclub.com/ 

But as a sneak peek you can read my feature: https://www.members.thejoyclub.com/article/1699

BTW: The Joy Club offers two simple membership options to give you the freedom to take part in events, enjoy exclusive member-only content and get involved in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. 

And with Free membership, you can become part of The Joy Clubbers private Facebook group, get inspiring content delivered weekly to your inbox, view member-only articles and videos AND join any of their live online events at the pay-as-you-go price of £5 per session.

However, if you would like to really make the most of what The Joy Club has to offer, then Premium membership is for you and it’s only £5 a month which allows you to:

  • Take part in unlimited live online events – choose from more than 40 sessions every month, including art classes, Zumba workouts, belly dancing, coffee mornings, expert talks and more;
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  • Enjoy access to The Joy Clubbers private group and inspiring weekly emails as standard.

The Joy Club is aimed at semi-retired and retired people but in all honesty it’s got loads of content that has really wide appeal. Why not take a look!

Want some volume and movement in your hair?

Easy styling hack!

This will work if your hair is shoulder length or longer and is something I’ve done for years to give my hair some extra oomph! and volume.

Ideally dampen your hair and apply a volumiser. I used Andrew Barton Texture Spray (available online and at ASDA.)Draw your hair high onto the crown and secure into a loose bun with a scrunchie or soft band so you don’t create lines in your hair.

Sometimes I ‘shove’ my hair up in the morning and leave all day until I’m ready to go out. Other times I do it before a shower or bath, do my makeup and get dressed and just before I leave home I shake my hair out.

To create additional texture, spray some more product into your hair and ruffle with your fingers, and if you like, finally spray in some hair spray. You can also turn your head upside down before throwing it back, to get some real oomph and volume.

So simple! No skill required.

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Take one unworn skirt…..

For over 2 years this gold satin Marks&Spencer skirt has hung unworn in my wardrobe. I loved it, my husband wasn’t so keen, (not that I’d let that stop me!) I was also about 10 pounds heavier the last time I put it on, and it definitely looks better now. I’d seen lots of people styling up summery satin slip dresses with big jumpers so it occurred to me, that I could do the same with this skirt and it’s a renewed love.

The colour is neutral which means it will go with just about any colour from black to cream as well as brights. So using other items I already own here’s what I came up with:

1. Keeping to the tones, I’ve matched my skirt with an old leather jacket from Massimo Dutti, an equally old Mulberry bag, Zara boots and a black Zara jumper, black tights and a black and orange scarf from India. The main colour theme is complementary and the splashes of black add contrast.
2. This time I’ve added a faux-leather red jacket from French brand, Captain Tortue UK and red boots from Nicole Sexton, the same black jumper and tights and an animal print Pollini scarf (from TK Maxx which often has bargain designer scarves.)
3. Finally I’ve added another TK Maxx Scarf. This one by Furla, and a cross-body purse and phone holder in gold leather with changeable strap. This one is from Amelia Rose Accessories, but I’ve seen them in lots of places recently and in an amazing array of colours.

Note: The more expensive items here have all been bought in sales, where discounts are often incredible. When it comes to sales I only buy things I really love or have something unusual about them. I’m not one for hurrying into a shop and fighting for an item that wasn’t beautifully made in the first place. And this works for me, some of my clothes are over 20 years old but still get worn with love!

How about you? Do you treasure your clothes? Or do you buy bargain priced outfits? I’d love to hear from you…

Not saving it for best!

In these strange times, where I’m travelling less (especially to London) and spending most of my time just walking my dog and maybe going for a coffee or a pub lunch, I’m certainly totally ‘over’ keeping anything for ‘best’.

So here are a few outfits from my wardrobe that I’m styling to suit my lifestyle and my everyday life … and maybe I can inspire you to seek out those old belts and scarves, dive into your jewellery box and style up your outfits with different colours to refresh what you already own.

I love culottes and find them so easy to style up or down. These are from Me & Em and are a few years old now. I love wearing them with knee length flat boots, or as here, with biker boots, but I also wear them with white trainers or even heels. I’m wearing them with my go-to basic Zara jumper with buttons at the cuff. At £19.99 these are so useful (I have several) and I just throw them in the washing machine at 40 degrees and they don’t even need ironing!
Same jumper different colour! Emerald Green is very on-trend and for that reason alone I’ve avoided buying anything in the colour (though I know it suits me.) My thinking is that if something is such a strong fashion statement it might be totally out of fashion next season/year. So I would avoid anything expensive that I can’t afford to get rid of if it becomes obviously ‘so last season’! (And I know, you probably don’t care about such things either.) The jeans are old, much worn and loved from Anthropologie which often has some fabulous unusual things.
This time I’m showing you a colour I couldn’t wear in my younger life as it just didn’t work with my ginger hair and freckled face, but it’s not just our hair that pales as we age, our skin tone alters too and suddenly this pale lilac actually accentuates my blue eyes and has become a good colour for me. Remember, when choosing colours, it’s more about the tone than the actual colour. This one’s from H&M and is slightly brighter in reality. It’s quite long and loose and I’m wearing it with black leggings and my bargain boots from John Lewis sale.

Whether it’s styling a coat that’s been hanging unworn for years or trying a skirt with different colours, you can give your clothes a new look that will not only give them more wear but will make you feel renewed too. And of course, this is good both for the environment and your bank balance. So have a look through your clothes and see how you can make your ‘wardrobe’ work for you.