Not saving it for best!

In these strange times, where I’m travelling less (especially to London) and spending most of my time just walking my dog and maybe going for a coffee or a pub lunch, I’m certainly totally ‘over’ keeping anything for ‘best’.

So here are a few outfits from my wardrobe that I’m styling to suit my lifestyle and my everyday life … and maybe I can inspire you to seek out those old belts and scarves, dive into your jewellery box and style up your outfits with different colours to refresh what you already own.

I love culottes and find them so easy to style up or down. These are from Me & Em and are a few years old now. I love wearing them with knee length flat boots, or as here, with biker boots, but I also wear them with white trainers or even heels. I’m wearing them with my go-to basic Zara jumper with buttons at the cuff. At £19.99 these are so useful (I have several) and I just throw them in the washing machine at 40 degrees and they don’t even need ironing!
Same jumper different colour! Emerald Green is very on-trend and for that reason alone I’ve avoided buying anything in the colour (though I know it suits me.) My thinking is that if something is such a strong fashion statement it might be totally out of fashion next season/year. So I would avoid anything expensive that I can’t afford to get rid of if it becomes obviously ‘so last season’! (And I know, you probably don’t care about such things either.) The jeans are old, much worn and loved from Anthropologie which often has some fabulous unusual things.
This time I’m showing you a colour I couldn’t wear in my younger life as it just didn’t work with my ginger hair and freckled face, but it’s not just our hair that pales as we age, our skin tone alters too and suddenly this pale lilac actually accentuates my blue eyes and has become a good colour for me. Remember, when choosing colours, it’s more about the tone than the actual colour. This one’s from H&M and is slightly brighter in reality. It’s quite long and loose and I’m wearing it with black leggings and my bargain boots from John Lewis sale.

Whether it’s styling a coat that’s been hanging unworn for years or trying a skirt with different colours, you can give your clothes a new look that will not only give them more wear but will make you feel renewed too. And of course, this is good both for the environment and your bank balance. So have a look through your clothes and see how you can make your ‘wardrobe’ work for you.

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