Take one unworn skirt…..

For over 2 years this gold satin Marks&Spencer skirt has hung unworn in my wardrobe. I loved it, my husband wasn’t so keen, (not that I’d let that stop me!) I was also about 10 pounds heavier the last time I put it on, and it definitely looks better now. I’d seen lots of people styling up summery satin slip dresses with big jumpers so it occurred to me, that I could do the same with this skirt and it’s a renewed love.

The colour is neutral which means it will go with just about any colour from black to cream as well as brights. So using other items I already own here’s what I came up with:

1. Keeping to the tones, I’ve matched my skirt with an old leather jacket from Massimo Dutti, an equally old Mulberry bag, Zara boots and a black Zara jumper, black tights and a black and orange scarf from India. The main colour theme is complementary and the splashes of black add contrast.
2. This time I’ve added a faux-leather red jacket from French brand, Captain Tortue UK and red boots from Nicole Sexton, the same black jumper and tights and an animal print Pollini scarf (from TK Maxx which often has bargain designer scarves.)
3. Finally I’ve added another TK Maxx Scarf. This one by Furla, and a cross-body purse and phone holder in gold leather with changeable strap. This one is from Amelia Rose Accessories, but I’ve seen them in lots of places recently and in an amazing array of colours.

Note: The more expensive items here have all been bought in sales, where discounts are often incredible. When it comes to sales I only buy things I really love or have something unusual about them. I’m not one for hurrying into a shop and fighting for an item that wasn’t beautifully made in the first place. And this works for me, some of my clothes are over 20 years old but still get worn with love!

How about you? Do you treasure your clothes? Or do you buy bargain priced outfits? I’d love to hear from you…

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