What do you think about when I say “self-care”? …..

Of course it can mean a lot of different things, from spending a lazy day in a spa to sleeping well, with lots of other elements in between. Overall though, when I think of self-care it’s about physical and mental health and the journey I take to arrive there. And without a doubt, Pilates helps me maintain both physical and mental well-being and is very much part of my life, as are the fantastic instructors who have supported and trained me on my journey over the years.

If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve often speak of my love of Pilates and in fact, I’ve been attending group classes for around 18 years, (which makes me think I should be better than I am!) I know it’s made me strong, but having felt a bit broken recently I’ve started doing weekly 1-1 Reformer Pilates with LA Pilates here in Cornwall.

The great advantage of being in a studio, just the instructor and me, is being able to fine-tune movements and the positioning of the body. I was already fairly competent, but working on the Reformer is giving me the chance to overcome weaknesses and understand how I can improve and achieve some of the exercises I’ve previously found hard.

I still love the atmosphere of classes (in fact I do 2 per week, it’s my religion,) but my 1-1 sessions are the ‘icing on the cake’ and are really tweaking small elements such as the position of my head or my ribs.

As we age it’s so important to maintain strength and keep our joints moving and I hope this and a good diet is going to support me ongoing.

What do you do to keep you active? I’d love to hear.

BTW Leggings & vest from @fabletics (I have several outfits from Fabletics and find they keep their shape and last incredibly well… Bought by me!!)






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3 thoughts on “Self-care….

  1. Kerstin Jarl says:

    I have followed you on Instagram and enjoyed it very much, especially your make up posts. I can´t find you there anymore, have you closed your account?


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