Want some volume and movement in your hair?

Easy styling hack!

This will work if your hair is shoulder length or longer and is something I’ve done for years to give my hair some extra oomph! and volume.

Ideally dampen your hair and apply a volumiser. I used Andrew Barton Texture Spray (available online and at ASDA.)Draw your hair high onto the crown and secure into a loose bun with a scrunchie or soft band so you don’t create lines in your hair.

Sometimes I ‘shove’ my hair up in the morning and leave all day until I’m ready to go out. Other times I do it before a shower or bath, do my makeup and get dressed and just before I leave home I shake my hair out.

To create additional texture, spray some more product into your hair and ruffle with your fingers, and if you like, finally spray in some hair spray. You can also turn your head upside down before throwing it back, to get some real oomph and volume.

So simple! No skill required.

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