It can’t have escaped your notice that it’s International Women’s Day with the hashtag #Breakthebias

And, with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan talking on television this morning about the importance of giving menopausal women understanding and support in the workplace, perhaps we women are another step further in breaking the bias that has stood firmly in our way for so long.

Of course there are biases too: ageism being one of the biggest, but in many countries across the globe women are still very much second best, with few opportunities to better themselves, to receive education or gain worthwhile employment.

This week, this month, our hearts go out to those brave women in the Ukraine, giving up everything to flee their homes and their lives in search of safety. They are, sadly not the only ones, in other countries too, there are women (children and men) living in appalling conditions created by extreme regimes.

In crossing my arms I signify that I want to stand for #breakthebias

IWD is also about inspiring women, not only those amazing scientists, doctors, business women, entertainers and actors (to name but a few without picking out anyone in particular – which quite frankly is too great a task), but ordinary women in our lives who help us and support us, laugh and cry with us on a daily basis.

So I’m sending out a massive hug to every women out there, wherever you are, however young or old you are and whatever you do. We all have great ‘worth’ and deserve to be valued.

With love

Linda x

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