You’ve probably heard of Bobbie Brown, or at least the iconic makeup brand on-sale in just about every department store across the globe (and online of course.) I’ve always loved the brand and more, have admired Bobbi Brown as a makeup artist. But it didn’t surprise me at all to learn when her agreement with Estee Lauder, the brand that had purchased Bobbi Brown some 30 years before, finally ended, Bobbi walked away to ‘do her own thing’. And having worked for many years for an entrepreneurial brand that was purchased by a behemoth, I perfectly understand the pain and frustration it can cause.

Anyway, last week, I was excited to get my hands on a few pieces of what Bobbi did next: a direct-to-consumer beauty brand, Jones Road.

Minimalistic, free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and of course, cruelty-free, Jones Road Beauty is achingly cool (in my opinion) and looks very much like a makeup brand I’d create (if I had the guts and the backing!!) I love that she talks about learning from her (small) young team, that they double-up jobs and can quickly turn around new ideas. All this echoes experiences I’ve had with the amazing team I worked with for many years….It sounds familiar and I just love the concept.

To the products. Well I’ve only got a few and I’ve only had time to do a very quick trial, but as I expected they are great to use and enabled me to do a pretty, natural makeup, in super quick time. As it says on the website: “Jones Road is a lifetime of beauty knowledge distilled”.

OMG this sounds like a flipping PR pitch! I’ve gone into my former PR mode absolutely seamlessly here.

Anyway, here’s the look I did – and I will do a ‘proper’ step-by-step for you when I have time……

I started by going to the Jones Road Beauty website: and selected my colour type….. which perhaps not surprisingly is ‘fair’. And, this is what I selected:

Firstly, I used the Face Pencil just where I had any marks, dark circles and shadows. It explains on the website how to select the correct colour.

Next, I used the brow pencil in Blonde. It’s much stubbier than most on the market and is so easy to apply.

On my eyelids I dabbed Sparkle Wash in Midas using my little finger and blended the subtle colour up to the crease line.

Then I created a smudged eyeliner using The Best Pencil in Brown.

On my cheeks I used  my forefinger and middle finger to apply Bobbi’s “secret to no makeup makeup” Miracle Balm, which everyone loves it seems. (You can just about use it anywhere!)

And lastly, I applied Cool Gloss in Gold Shimmer on my lips- I truly love this product and have had SO many compliments…

And, that, my lovelies, is it! totally effortless.  I’m ready for anything.  (gifted PR products)

You can follow Bobbi @justbobbidotcom & Jones Road Beauty @jonesroadbeauty on Instagram to see what they’re doing.

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