How do you feel about your age?

I’m writing this because I recently had an email from a very close friend – someone I’ve known since I was 20 and used to be my flatmate. We haven’t seen each other for about 4 years and I’m useless at phone conversations these days, (anyone else have this problem?) Most of my communication, whether it’s with my ‘local’ besties, ‘couples friends’ with my husband or family groups, are done on What’s App or Messenger. Anyway, I’m going off track here. She’d accidentally come across this blog and emailed me to say the way I portray myself had made her feel bad. Then I’d dropped her an email saying I have a problem with my sacroliac joint and this was causing lower back pain and tightness in my leg …..and she was happy to know that I was ‘feeling my age’.

So I’m writing this to let you know….Oh my goodness, I’m far from perfect! I totally know we can’t stop ageing, but I’m not happy to accept that fact and we can work at maintaining ourselves physically, mentally – and visually ….and I guess that’s what I’m all about. Most of the time I try (very hard) not to think about my age. Nothing will stop me loving fashion, or eating healthily (and often a bit too much), nothing will stop my thirst for life and enjoying myself and hopefully I’ll carry on exercising until ‘I drop’.

But yes, I know, the older you get the more good health is a blessing, and if I’m having to pop pills to keep me going then I’ll do it, (or look for good alternatives.) Living is a blessing and everyday we are here is an honour and a privilege – whatever our age, so I’ll go with that. In the meantime I look at celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Judie Dench, Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren – all still working and working ‘it’…..

So how do you feel? Do you hide your head in the sand, embrace your age, or ignore it? I’d love to know your thoughts…..

No Botox or fillers, just lots of SPF 50, serums, and great makeup products!

#proage #ageless #agelessbeauty #gettingolder #proagerevolution

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