Diary of a middle-aged fashionista….All about charity & spam-a-lot

I haven’t written a blog for almost 2 weeks, but I have been thinking of all of you.  Last week was frantic.  For 15 years I’ve put my heart and soul into supporting my long-time friend, hairdresser Tony Rizzo, organise a massive hairdressing event in London called The Alternative Hair Show. Tony and his wife Maggie, lost a child to Leukaemia and since then he has tirelessly raised money to support his charitable trust, Fighting Leukaemia. I’ve ended up doing the PR, writing the script, helping to present the show, listening to a lot of moaning and worrying, and my most rewarding thing, making the charity appeal in the middle of the evening. For the last 5 years I’ve been joined on stage by Blue Tobin. 7 years ago his mum was told to take him home as there was nothing more they could do, but a new drug was used as a last chance and happily it worked. Blue has now been free of blood cancer for 6 years. But he has still a long way to go, physically and psychologically. Until last year, when I was invited to join a closed Facebook group of another child with Leukaemia, I never truly appreciated the pain, disruption and mental agony the parents of a such a sick child face, so I was very humbled to take a group of children on stage to help me with the appeal. Of course they totally upstaged me -and helped us raise £205,000 to add to the £12Million Plus already raised by Alternative Hair. 44169202_10156744931822463_6445813263442640896_n


Last week I nearly “threw in the towel’ and deleted this blog and my Instagram account.

….But I’m not a loser or someone who gives into a bit of ‘aggro”. So, what I’ve been up to is cleaning up my Behind the Woman Instagram Account, after I discovered, on making it a business account, that 60% of my followers were spam accounts based in Nigeria. Now let me quickly say, I have NOTHING against Nigeria, as a country, or the population, but I do have a lot against people posing as US Marines, businessmen or “fat blokes with beards who are God-loving”. It’s taken me literally hours to delete these people, reporting any particularly dodgy accounts and removing them.

So many people (me included) are trying to up their numbers of followers on Instagram, but what’s the point if your followers are not genuinely interested in you. I’ve checked so many other accounts, and I can see I’m not alone, so please, be warned! If you have a lot of followers in army or naval uniforms, businessmen in suits or older men with beards and they have only a couple of posts with nothing more than their name (usually with numbers after the name) and are following literally 1000s of women…. Be Careful.

I’m almost starting from scratch and from now on I’m ruthlessly scanning all my new followers.

Anyway, I’m back to thinking about clothes, makeup, skincare and wellness – so a new blog will be coming tomorrow.


Alternative Hair Show 2018  2_INTRO_ABH_5049sml.jpg

Thanks for reading.


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