Sorry to start off on a tangent, this is relevant!

I’m ‘eating Vegan’ for 4 weeks as a fund-raiser organized by Cancer Research. I do anyway, normally eat ‘consciously’ and have become increasingly concerned about the impact of farming methods on the environment, though it has to be said, living by the sea I love the opportunity to eat the freshest fish and seafood…..

Anyway packaging, product content and production have become an increasing concern of mine, so I was fascinated to learn about Hourglass Cosmetics.

Founded in 2004 by Carisa Janes, the products are predominantly vegan and never tested on animals, free of parabens and sulphates. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are the kind of products found on a dusty shelf in a local hippy, health-food emporium. Hourglass is a luxurious, beautifully packaged range of products with a focus on active ingredients and a price point to match. The brand crosses science, beauty and luxury and has become acclaimed for its breakthrough formulations, technological innovations and a commitment to reinvention. The products have sensorial textures, covetable colour collections, and absolutely beautiful packaging……But did I love it?

Undoubtedly, looking at a display of Hourglass Cosmetics I felt like a kid in front of a sweet counter. Without trying anything I just wanted to have the products on display in my bathroom. But, as I’ve said, these products aren’t cheap, so I had to rein myself in. In the end I bought a primer serum, mascara, a bronzer and brush, loose powder and an eyebrow sculpting eyebrow pencil.

See what I thought of HOURGLASS below:

Primer Serum £59.00

Infused with 28 beneficial ingredients, I absolutely love this product. It’s both a primer and serum and it makes your skin feel fabulous! It really helps the easy application of makeup and is silky to feel, leaving the skin hydrated. It’s got to be my number 1 primer.

Ambient Lightening Bronzer £45.00

I’m using this on my cheeks to give a sun-kissed glow. The 2 colour palette gives both depth and illumination and applies really evenly. And, the compact is gorgeous.

Ambient Powder Brush £35.00

I’ve been using this to apply the bronzer (and the powder). Firstly it’s PETA-approved, but is nevertheless ultra-soft and gives a really even application. As a former editorial makeup artist, I’m fussy about my brushes, but I love this one!

Caution Extreme Lash Mascara £25.00

 I’m adding this to my list of fav’ mascaras. This one amplifies, separates and adds maximum volume. I’ve liked it more after using it for a week as the first couple of applications felt a bit ‘gloopy’. It really coats the bottom lashes well – reaching even the smallest hairs and making them look voluminous. Just one coat is enough. I’m hooked.

Arch brow soft pencil £31.00

As you get older your eyebrow definition is really important and can lift the face and enhance your appearance hugely. I can’t impress how important it is to get your eyebrows looking good. When I say “good” I mean naturally defined, neither too thin nor too thick to frame your eyes. This product is justifiably award-winning and is a powder, pencil and wax in one. The triangular shape of the pencil allows you to create a great arch really easily, with fine, natural looking strokes. Just brush through before and after application for perfect brows. (I’m using Warm Blonde for my colouring.)

Veil translucent setting powder    £42.00

I don’t use powder everyday, but when I do, I know I should. This fine powder is just magical. It’s absolutely weightless and has light-reflecting particles that cover up imperfections such as fine lines and large pores. I wore it last weekend when I was on-stage under hot lights, working on a charity event and my makeup stayed put perfectly all night!

HOURGLASS is available from most big department stores and online. In the UK you can get it from Selfridges, John Lewis and Harvey Nichols.

Buy it online from:




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