Have you beaten the blues?

January has almost ended….

It seems to have drifted by me without inspiring so much as a thought of participation in any kind of “-uary”. …..and I’ve also had to admit to myself that I’d become the blogger who doesn’t blog …But I’m back!

But let’s go back a few weeks. Were you, like me, innocently thinking throughout December, with a couple of weeks off work in front of you, that you were going to be able to recharge your energies fresh for the new year? And then of course, reality struck and it never happened? This certainly happened to me and I’ve made a mental note, that I for one, should put that whole idea out of my mind in the future..

So what about you? Have you participated in some “-uary” this year? Have you joined a gym or given up your nightly glass of vino or become a vegan?

There have been years when I’ve done ‘dry January’, happily staying home and refusing social invites. There have been other years when I’ve done a January Detox….most famously giving up: dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee, tea, and gluten all in one go. After a couple of days I had a raging headache and felt so terrible, I completely missed driving into a supermarket parking space, crashing into the wing of another car, and making my daughter fear I was having a stroke! I waited by the other car until the owner appeared, and luckily for me, she smiled and said: “Don’t worry at all, it’s just an f-ing Skoda!!” The detox did work though,  I lost 14lbs in 4 weeks, and once my body got used to being ‘deprived’, I went into a super-energy, fast-brain few weeks…..But it was impossible to keep up-unless I wanted to become a hermit – or find myself a new group of friends equally happy to deprive themselves!

So what should we be doing at this time of year? I think it’s a time to plan your year:, get your budgets in order, search for holidays, de-clutter your home, go through your wardrobe, watch box-sets, have the odd chocolate, and glass of wine… and revive yourself…..Spring is around the corner. Happy days!


#Januaryblues / #Veganuary /#alcoholfree /#dryjanuary /#detox /#blues

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