ROOTS! In a panic about your hair colour? ………. IT’S TIME TO #SHOWYOURROOTS

If you usually go to a salon every 6-8 weeks you may well be having an inner-panic at the moment. Now I KNOW in the current scheme of things hair colour is very minor, in fact you may be thinking: ‘who cares as no one’s going anywhere.’  BUT I know personal appearance is very important when it comes to mental health.

‘Beauty is in the of the beholder’ as they say, and let’s face it, most women dress up, get their hair and nails done and put on their makeup primarily for themselves.  However, to every woman who gets her dark or white roots done on a regular basis, I am currently saying one thing: SHOW YOUR ROOTS.

Yep! I know there are a mountain of boxed colours on sale in supermarkets and pharmacies and they should remain open over the next few months even when we’re in ‘lockdown’, but quite frankly, it’s SO easy to F*** up your hair colour when you do it yourself.  And I’m not just talking about going mauve, orange or green, I’m also talking about the condition, but the main thing is, if it goes wrong, you won’t be able to correct it! And it’s a fact: hairdressers make a lot of money from Colour Correction services.

So what can you do? Well firstly, if your hair’s flat or slightly greasy your roots will show more, so make sure you wash it regularly and apply conditioner mainly to the mid-lengths and ends, this will give you more volume at the roots.

If you can’t wash your hair for any reason, then us a dry shampoo to create this root lift.  Hair with volume and texture also hides roots, so think about apply a volumiser to your hair.  Spray evenly from roots to ends and use a medium round brush to blow dry.  You can always get some additional volume by turning your head upside down and blasting your drier to the roots.  Finish your style with hair spray for style longevity. And don’t forget, you can still buy hair products online, so you can maintain #socialdistance and #socialisolation with confidence.    

Here are a few products to try:

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous

Big It Up Shampoo, Conditioner

Volume Boosting Dry Shampoo

Volume Boosting Mousse

Volume Boosting Spray

Bed Head by TIGI

Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Big Head Hair Volume Mousse

Superstar Queen for a Day

Small Talk Styling Cream

One thought on “ROOTS! In a panic about your hair colour? ………. IT’S TIME TO #SHOWYOURROOTS

  1. Karrie Fox says:

    Very smug that I don’t have this problem. Good opportunity to experiment with keeping to your natural colour. No one is going to see you anyway.


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