Be guilt-free this Easter!

Guilt-free chocolate? I’ve found some! 

An ethical chocolate brand, created out of love, Pure Heavenly Chocolate prides itself on having recyclable packaging, paying suppliers fairly, being palm oil free & having only 2% sugar, it’s also gluten and soy free .

For a chocolate lover like me this is all good news & I love the size of the bars, meaning I can eat the whole bar in one go (or be really generous and share 2 or the 4 squares!)

And so my family and I have been testing the bars for you and all the flavours get the thumbs up, Hazelnut was my fave BTW, but there’s Silk, Mint, Banana, Orange, Salted Caramel, Coconut and Strawberry as well.

You can use the code LINDA21 to get 15% discount on orders of £20 + from:

Pure Heavenly Chocolate is a small, family-owned business, created by a Stephen Conway, who had suffered from many health issues and wanted a chocolate that was healthy and came from the heart, with thought to everyone in the process of making the chocolate.

This could be the perfect grown-up Easter gift for you or your loved ones.

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