Over the past few years, brows have become fundamental to many people’s ‘look’ giving a strong visual statement that helps define individuality. It’s important to progress your look and working with brow trends can give you a youthful, fashionable appearance. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go as far as getting a ‘brow tattoo’ or ‘high definition brows’ to perfectly frame your face.  It’s about finding the right tools and the right shape for you.

Back in the day when I was running a makeup course, I used to bang on about the importance of eyebrows as you ‘get older’ & how great brows can do more to retain a youthful look than using Botox – and of course, it’s a much cheaper option.

And it might be OK to sport the alternative fashion, no-brow, pale skin look if you’re 18 and a model (always shot with great lighting and an ethereal outfit of course,) but let’s face it, most of us don’t look like a Pre-Raphaelite painting (even though I had the hair and skin colouring once upon a time.)

I digress! I’ve been ‘working’ on my brows over the last year… actually only rarely plucking them (& sharpening my tweezers when I do with my Tweezerfile ) or occasionally using an Hollywood Browser to define the shape. So here’s what I use all the time, depending on what day it is and how the mood takes me!

✅I’ve been mainly using eye pencils – These allow you to fill in gaps and get a great shape.

My 2 current faves are:

@elfcosmetics Ultra Precise Brow Pencil

@purcosmeticsuk 4-in-1Arch Nemesis Light

And I haven’t used it yet because it’s brand new, but one of my fave brands @code8beauty launched Arch Realist Brow Defining Pencil yesterday…. which I’m sure will also be fabulous – so take a look!

✅When I’m short on time or feeling lazy, I’ve been using ‘lash mascaras’ which are quick to use and give a natural finish.  A word of warning, you have to be careful not to get blobs when you begin to apply, so keep a light touch.

I’ve been using:

@elfcosmetics Wow Brow Gel Brunette (It’s darkish but not too dark)

@ariane.poolecosmetics Strawberry Blonde Brow Mascara.  I just tend to brush my brows upwards and then when there’s hardly any product left on the brush, I brush them gently from the centre (side of my nose) outwards, to get the shape I want.

✅ I also like to use powders and creams which I apply with an angled brush. Sometimes I use actual eye shadow, but 2 products I’ve been using recently are:

@ariane.poolecosmetics Brow Duo which is a powder and brow pomade, for extra control, tiny tweezers and a little brush.

@ariane.poolecosmetics Brow Balm in Blonde, which I got along with the brush. (This is as the name suggests, a creamy waxy consistency and creates both colour, shape and hold to unruly brows.

In terms of colour I advise going lighter than you think! -The tones I tend to choose are: natural, light brown, blonde or grey. Go dark and it can look too strong and actually be ageing.

Other makeup details:

@no7uk Protect & Perfect All in One Foundation SPF50

@elfcosmeticsuk Light Ivory Camo Concealer

@elfcosmeticsuk Primer Infused Blush

@studio10makeup I-Radiance Shade

@Studio10makeup black mascara

@no7uk Coral Peach SPF15 lipstick


Sweater: @finisterreuk

Heart necklace: @jothomasjewellery






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I love a new lip colour, so ‘mooching around’ this morning, I was excited to find a ‘lippy’ that only launched yesterday.

(As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to makeup there are functional brands and aspirational brands. By ‘aspirational’ I mean the brands with clothes, shoes and bags I’d really like to have hanging in my wardrobe, but don’t….But happily, at least I can afford the makeup! Chanel falls into this sector. The logo just does it for me……….. And I was excited to try this brand-new matte liquid powder today.)


CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER, is an innovative, matte liquid lip colour that comes in 5 vibrant shades. It has a long-wearing, powdery, matte finish and when applied from the integrated foam applicator gives a modern blurred effect to the lips. You don’t even need a mirror to apply! The creamy and powdery second-skin texture is really sensorial, softening the lips with a sensation of comfort. A combination of softening oils melt onto the lips when applied and the ultra-thin and highly concentrated pigments deliver the intense shades. It’s a winner!

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder.  Price: £31.00 9ml.

Buy it from:   


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Like fashion, makeup changes seasonally, with new colours and ever-more technologically advanced products designed to update our look and make us ‘on trend’. But, as with clothes, not all fashions in makeup will suit every face shape and particularly every eye shape, so it’s worth getting to know your face to make the most of it.

For the last couple of years there’s been a trend for bold, strong eyebrows. Eyebrows are fantastic for lifting the face and giving a youthful appearance, but go too wild and you might end up looking like a “Z-list celebrity”.  It’s about balance. If you’re going somewhere special and you want to make an impression, then dare to go a bit stronger with your brows and balance out with darker eyes or lips, or even a bit of both.

Here I show you how I morphed my face from dull and pallid to a stronger version of my real self! My brows are very pale – and thin – so I need all the help I can get to frame my face.  I also find, as my eyes become more “hooded,” (Gulps! Did I actually write that?) I need to use my under eye for added definition and to make my eyes stand out and sparkle.


When it comes to your lips, if you’re going for a bold colour, then always apply with a brush after outlining with a pencil in a matching colour. Please don’t use a contrasting colour ladies, especially if it’s darker, I’m about real women, with an edge of sophistication and worldliness. Get it?

So experiment – dare to strike out and see the reaction you get when you show off your fabulousness!

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