Like fashion, makeup changes seasonally, with new colours and ever-more technologically advanced products designed to update our look and make us ‘on trend’. But, as with clothes, not all fashions in makeup will suit every face shape and particularly every eye shape, so it’s worth getting to know your face to make the most of it.

For the last couple of years there’s been a trend for bold, strong eyebrows. Eyebrows are fantastic for lifting the face and giving a youthful appearance, but go too wild and you might end up looking like a “Z-list celebrity”.  It’s about balance. If you’re going somewhere special and you want to make an impression, then dare to go a bit stronger with your brows and balance out with darker eyes or lips, or even a bit of both.

Here I show you how I morphed my face from dull and pallid to a stronger version of my real self! My brows are very pale – and thin – so I need all the help I can get to frame my face.  I also find, as my eyes become more “hooded,” (Gulps! Did I actually write that?) I need to use my under eye for added definition and to make my eyes stand out and sparkle.


When it comes to your lips, if you’re going for a bold colour, then always apply with a brush after outlining with a pencil in a matching colour. Please don’t use a contrasting colour ladies, especially if it’s darker, I’m about real women, with an edge of sophistication and worldliness. Get it?

So experiment – dare to strike out and see the reaction you get when you show off your fabulousness!

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