3 weeks ago I was called for a routine mammogram, not a particularly pleasant experience, nor 100% foolproof, but nevertheless important. I wouldn’t call myself a hypochondriac, but I have an inclination to expect the worst, so over the last couple of weeks, until the letter arrived this morning saying I was cancer free, my ‘ever-so’ slightly vivid imagination had from time to time dived momentarily into gloom.

Statistically of course it’s a common cancer with 1 in 8 women succumbing to the disease. It tends to hit older women, (so that’s me then,) but of course cancer can be unexpected, so even younger women, (as well as men,) should be aware of changes in their breasts.

When you open a letter and receive good news it’s such a huge relief, but it made me also think how I’d have felt and how I’d have reacted had the news been negative.


So why am I telling you this? ……Don’t worry, I’m not offering any medical information or shock horror stories.  All I want to emphasise is how important it is to go for tests. A few minutes’ discomfort and the odd prod here and there, should be bearable – in fact far less uncomfortable than the average visit to your dental hygienist. ……You’ve only got one body, so look after it!!

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