Lip Service!

Good customer service is, as we all know, imperative, and definitely the make or break in a sale.

Last night I had 2 hours to kill in Palma airport. If you’ve ever been there you’ll know, it’s not the most comfortable of places and there were a lot of Stag and Hen parties returning on late flights having made the most of the weekend, and still up for a bit of loud partying… I was all for hiding in Duty Free midst the waft of fragrances and makeup. I was ‘perusing’ the Mac area for quite a while, while the 4 assistants were chatting together. More importantly I was thinking of buying a few items – a favourite lipstick, a compact and an eye shadow. Could I get their attention? No chance! I wandered off to have a look at the other brands, by now with a left hand covered in lipstick stripes. The assistant at Dior saw me rummaging in my bag for a tissue and immediately came over with both tissue and makeup remover, then began chatting proceeded to give me a super-informed spiel of the various lipsticks. And of course, she made a sale.

images  Unknownimages-2

Moral of the story: keep your eyes open to see what’s happening around you, be nice to people and know your stuff!


I bought:

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Holo Glow

Dior Fix It Correcteur 001 Light Beige

Get Dior cosmetics from:


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