I love a new lip colour, so ‘mooching around’ this morning, I was excited to find a ‘lippy’ that only launched yesterday.

(As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to makeup there are functional brands and aspirational brands. By ‘aspirational’ I mean the brands with clothes, shoes and bags I’d really like to have hanging in my wardrobe, but don’t….But happily, at least I can afford the makeup! Chanel falls into this sector. The logo just does it for me……….. And I was excited to try this brand-new matte liquid powder today.)


CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER, is an innovative, matte liquid lip colour that comes in 5 vibrant shades. It has a long-wearing, powdery, matte finish and when applied from the integrated foam applicator gives a modern blurred effect to the lips. You don’t even need a mirror to apply! The creamy and powdery second-skin texture is really sensorial, softening the lips with a sensation of comfort. A combination of softening oils melt onto the lips when applied and the ultra-thin and highly concentrated pigments deliver the intense shades. It’s a winner!

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder.  Price: £31.00 9ml.

Buy it from:   


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2 thoughts on “LIP ALLURE

  1. Mary-Rose says:

    Hi Linda, I’d be really interested to know how well this lipstick wears on the lips. How lovely ng does it last ? How does it stand up to eating and drinking ?
    Enjoying your blogs🙂 x

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    • behindthewoman15 says:

      Thank you so much Mary-Rose. Well I tend to ‘eat off’ lipstick very quickly, but this did stay on for a few hours and is matte so it colours the lips but doesn’t look like thick lipstick. I need to use it more to see how it really work though. Hope all’s well with you. xx


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