Question: What is it that women love and men don’t understand?

Answer:   Cushions.

How many times have I heard husbands and boyfriends moaning at the fact they have to remove ‘at least six cushions’ before they can get into bed at night. Even worse, accompanying wives and girlfriends on a shopping trip, they can be at least visibly seen, if not verbally heard, demonstrating their distaste for this peculiarly feminine desire…as their loved-one buys yet more cushions. My own husband balks at cushions on the sofa and moans he can never get them to sit quite correctly!



But, guilty as charged! I have a lot of cushions going on in my house – every bed has a bunch, and chairs, even chairs that don’t need a cushion have a cushion. Then there are the hidden, stored-away cushions, once loved, now discarded, but not hated enough to actually throw away. I have cushions brought back from a market in Mauritius, traditionally woven cushions from Sardinia, marine style in blue and white stripes, and with boats, knots or anchors -absolutely fitting, in my mind, to my Cornwall home, even though the sea is 5 miles away.




Fluffy, velvet, sequined, embroidered, suede, leather, woven, batik, or just plain….cushions have become a way of updating a room, changing a mood, adding softness to hard lines or an indulgence to snuggle into.  Don’t you love a cushion?

My latest cushions come from https://www.earthworks.uk

…of course, they have sent me on a journey. I’ve already bought the matching coasters and I feel it won’t belong before place mats and lampshades appear in my home!




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