Do you know how many lipsticks you own? 10? 15? More? Here’s a few I’ve just pulled out of a drawer in the bathroom, and I am very aware there are others – lingering in handbags and various makeup bags, stuffed in jacket pockets or left in the car.

Some are glossier than others, some have a sheen, others are more creamy or matte…..but overall have you noticed one thing about my “palette”? Yep, they are all VERY similar in tone. That’s because I keep buying the same colour lipstick! It doesn’t matter if it’s MAC or Chanel, Max Factor or Revlon, I have a definite “penchant” for peachy-beigey lipsticks. Occasionally I’ll go a bit redder or even a bit pinker, but overall, I have to confess I keep buying the same colour ……and you know what – you probably do too! Most of us have a “lippy comfort zone”, it’s about what makes us feel good and confident and it’s our personal style. That’s OK by the way. Don’t feel bad if you own 20 red lipsticks or 10 pastel lip-glosses. (I won’t tell.)

Still, there is something psychologically fascinating about lipstick. It’s a well-known fact that in times of economic uncertainty, the sales of lipstick rise. Whether this is, as some scientists believe, to do with a female mating gene, (I have no idea what that has to do with the economy by the way,) or, my theory, that we need to cheer ourselves up and a lipstick, even a designer one, is affordable and does the trick…. however I really don’t have the answer, but anyway, it’s a fact. Only, there is another thing about lipstick, it always “fits”, so who cares if you’ve put on a few pounds, pull out your Chanel lippy and make a big demonstration of sweeping it across your lips as you peer into a shiny compact and you will be fabulous!

Lipstick can totally change your look, making you softer, stronger, more dramatic or pretty and girly. Apply carefully, use a primer and ensure you keep your lips soft and free of dry skin and you will be totally lip-tastic!


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