What’s on your Christmas List?

Christmas is such an indulgent time of year for many people. I don’t believe in buying presents for the sake of it, but it’s a wonderful cheery feeling as you undo ribbons, rip off glittered paper and tissue and reveal your gift. I don’t think it should be about cost, (the tiniest and cheapest gift can hold the most value) and I much prefer a surprise, (the concept of wrapping a gift that is already known seems pointless to me,) but I very much like the idea that it’s been bought with thought and love.

…….Only I know gift buying can be stressful for a lot of people who worry their present won’t be well-received, or just find the whole process of shopping, both online or on the high street, totally painful.

So what’s on your own Christmas list this year?

One of the first places I look for gifts is Not on the High Street, https://www.notonthehighstreet.com

I love their scarves, such as this gold detailed, water colour one, which can be personalised and is currently £13.56.


Customisation is so big now, so a bespoke birthflower bracelet would also make a nice gift and at £21.00 would be perfect as a Secret Santa gift as would this gin lovers personalised glass at £15.20. Both from Not on the High Street.

preview_personalised-birthflower-bracelet  preview_personalised-gin-glass

The White Company http://www.thewhitecompany.com is another favourite of mine (not only at this time of year, it has to be said.) The White Company shops ooze femininity and luxury and smells amazing, and it’s a place where everything you buy feels like a gift. I love their Seychelles bath foam glass decanter £20.00 –in fact,  that’s a present I often buy for myself.



Women love candles don’t they? (They are, let’s be honest, a bit like cushions in the world of men, and in my case, where years ago I might have bought a house plant, I now buy a candle.) One of my favourite candle companies is St Eval, based in Cornwall where I live. https://www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk

Their Christmas selection of candles is fantastic, Inspiritus and Fig being two of my favourites.




But over and over again I buy Sea Salt, which comes in various sizes from tealights at £5.68 to Tuscan scented bowls at £28.98 with over 45 burning hours.



Then there’s products for the body…..Don’t you love luxury skincare products? A company I adore, but you might not of heard of, is Temple Spa: https://www.templespa.com

A sheer indulgent gift any woman would love is their Absolute Truffle Collection, £75.00. Untitled.png

The Truffle range actually contains gold and summer truffles and having used the award winning Skin Truffle Total Facial Radiance (£90.00) I can confirm it really does give skin a great lustre.

The Temple Spa, spa collection ‘Wherever You Are” is another lovely gift set and at £25.00 is a great gift for any woman who likes to have her own ‘at home’ spa day, or as it comes with a free bad and mask, perfect for a holiday or weekend away.


Or how about some products to bring back memories of tropical holidays?  You may remember India Hicks, grand-daughter of Lord Mountbatten, as being one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids. She has lived for many years in the Bahamas and has a wonderful US based website: http://www.indiahicks.com (Have a look – you can order for the UK,) but she also had a delightful shower and hand gel and body fragrance, Island Living Spyder Lilly via Crabtree & Evelyn, available at: https://www.lookfantastic.com/crabtree-evelyn-india-hicks-island-living-getaway-bag-3-products/10546866.html


IMPORTANTLY, all these gifts will fit anyone, so you don’t need worry about ‘returns’ and they’re all about the receiver – presents to please and personal to them…..And I, for one, would be happy to receive any of the above, (should you think of buying me a gift!)

Happy Christmas Shopping!




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