Does your hair texture need updating?

Choosing the right hair products can make your hair style a winner! Whether you want to be sleek and smooth, have sexy waves or added volume, there’s a product out there that’s right for you.

Hair is on my mind! Actually hair is on my mind most days, as I’m PR to a professional hair product company. I also know just how important hair is to most women (and men) and, when it doesn’t look right you can end up feeling thoroughly miserable. My misery comes from my roots, which are definitely not the beautiful auburn of my past and annoyingly appear within 3 weeks of my last colour.

But then there’s hair texture to contend with. But what exactly is “texture” ? It’s a word hairdressers tend to use a lot. Firstly there’s your natural texture. This is more about the state of your hair, which might, for example, be fine, coarse, smooth, frizzy or limp, then add this to straight, curly, dry and oily and you can see that understanding texture can be problematic!

Beyond this there are actually “fashions” in hair texture. And, when it comes to trends they often have descriptives such as “beachy waves” or “bed head hair” in addition to adjectives such as “smooth”, “soft”, “sleek”, “glamorous” or “loose”. Your desired texture will govern your choice of styling and finishing products, enabling you to adapt your hair’s natural texture to current hair trends……. Believe me, this is important and can update your favourite hairstyle and rejuvenate your look!

During my adult life I’ve gone from 70s Farrah Fawcett flicks to 80s curly bobs, 90s Toni&Guy favourite “transient bob” and in every decade different variations of a mid-length and long-layered “Shaggy Look” usually with a heavy fringe – as well as layered bobs, and in between, just long hair.



For me, the important thing that finishes my style and makes it “of the moment” has always been changing the products I use to get different looks on very similar cuts. In the 70s and 80s I’d be reaching for mousse to give my hair a strong hold and firm finish. In the 90s I used gels and serums for sleeker looks and lots of leave in conditioner to stop fly-aways.


Today I tend to use much lighter products, such as Bed Head After Party, a smoothing cream, and Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray for smoothness, frizz control shine and separation. If I want more volume and hold I reach for Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day, which is a product every hairdresser seems to love, adding volume and root lift and generally making hair styling easier.


Recently I’ve discovered Living Proof hair products. So far I’ve tried the Instant De-Frizzer, which is great for this time of year when damp weather and central heating can play havoc with hair. It’s really good as a second day styler as well as a post-conditioning spray and I love the soft, smooth effect it creates. I’ve also tired the award-winning Living Proof Perfect Day Dry Shampoo, which is amazing! It smells divine and makes your hair look and feel great between washes.

(Look below for stockists.)

There are SO many hair products available and it’s really easy to buy something and then find it doesn’t do what you want or often, you can’t fathom out how to use it. I’d always advise you to talk to your hairdresser. Ask for styling tips, which type of product to use, how to use it and why. And remember, a good haircut can become a great haircut with the right products.

Want to find out more about hair styling and finishing products?

Bed Head Products available from professional salons globally.

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